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Enlarging Machine Skit



                 at least 4 scouts and a leader
                 one volunteer (victim)
                 small stick and large branch
                 empty balloon and blown up balloon
                 small dry sponge and large sponge
                 bucket of water
                 tiny paper airplane and very large paper airplane


                  Ask for a volunteer from the audience before the skit is set up. Have the skit leader take the volunteer out of the room for some quick                    training. Tell him that the leader said this skit can be done only if the floor doesn't get scratched up and nothing gets broken.


                 This skit has water so make sure its ok on the floor.
                 The victim should be someone with a good sense of humor.


Leader:    Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Gustaf Mulch, world-famous inventor extraordinaire! Today, you are all fortunate to be the first to see my                    latest invention in action - the Enlarging Machine!!! 
Leader:    Assisting me in my demonstration today is the great [Bob] world-famous sidekick and all-around good guy! 
Leader:    Bob, please take this small item (person hands him the small airplane) and gently toss it into the machine. When it comes back out,                        please don't let it hit the floor or it might break. I promise you, its completely safe. 
                  (Bob tosses the airplane over the sheet and a scout sails the huge plane back out towards Bob. Hopefully, Bob will successfully catch                      the big plane.) 

Leader:    Wonderful, Bob! You did great! What a huge airplane! (If he did not catch it, tell him to try a little harder next time.) 

Leader:    Bob, let's continue with the demo. (scout hands him the empty balloon.) 
                  (Bob tosses the balloon in and a scout tosses the blown balloon back.) 
Leader:    Terrific! Good catch, Bob! We really don't want to scratch the floor or break anything. I must admit this is the best the machine has                          worked so far! Do we have anything else to try? 
                  (scout hands small sponge to Bob) 
                  (Bob throws it over and a scout throws back a large soaking wet sponge. Hopefully, Bob is in the habit of catching whatever comes                          back and catches it) 

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